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Top Venice Beach Attractions

Best Things to Do at Venice Beach, California

 When you visit Venice Beach in Los Angeles, it’s not going to be just any ordinary day at the beach. Although Venice Beach is well known for its breathtaking sunsets and ocean views, it’s also loaded with many other one of a kind attractions. The great things to do at Venice Beach are endless and are sure to leave you craving more. A few of the best Venice Beach attractions include the Graffiti Walls, the famous Muscle Beach, the Venice Beach Boardwalk and an amazing skate park.

 Venice Beach

One of the biggest Venice Beach attractions is the beach itself. Enjoy great California weather and the local culture, while taking in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. The 3 mile long beach is perfect for building sandcastles, surfing, skim boarding and just hanging out.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

While in Venice, stop by the Venice Beach Boardwalk– rated one of the best things to do at Venice Beach. The world famous boardwalk hosts a number of vendors and street performers. The Venice Beach Boardwalk offers something for everyone with a wide diversity of shops, performers, dining and everything in between. Become one of the locals as you walk down the mile-long stretch of beautiful California coastline.

Venice-Beach-Skate Park

Venice Beach Skate Park – the skate park is 16,000 square foot on Venice Beach, it features two bowls, a snake run, a street section complete with steps, rails and platforms

Venice Skate Park

If you’re into skating, stop by the 16,000 square foot Venice Beach Skate Plaza. This one of a kind skate park features 2 bowls, a street section and a snake run. Not only will you enjoy the thrill the park offers, but take part in a unique opportunity to visit one of the only beach front skate parks in the world.


Muscle Beach Gym

Whether you’re a fitness fan or movie fanatic, you’ll have to stop by Muscle Beach Gym– home gym of bodybuilders Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The gym offers the top fitness equipment available and hosts bodybuilding competitions regularly.

Graffiti Wall

Everyone has seen graffiti, but you’ve never seen graffiti like the artwork on the Venice Beach Graffiti Walls. The Graffiti Walls of Venice Beach isn’t just writing on a wall, the wall exhibits some of the top work of graffiti artists. The artists can be found creating their best artistic flair on the weekends.

There’s an unlimited amount of things to do at Venice Beach. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets after a long day of great weather and amazing Venice beach attractions. Shop, surf, wine and dine, celebrate and enjoy great entertainment at Venice Beach!