Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

 Los Angeles isn’t just home to the stars and great weather, it’s also home to many great restaurants. The best restaurants in Los Angeles are known for their amazing food and atmosphere. If you’re looking for a fantastic meal, check out these popular Los Angeles restaurants.

 Cafe La Boheme

Cafe La Boheme is a majestic and intimate dining space set in Downtown Los Angeles.

With an amazing interior decor, including crystal chandeliers, the restaurant is perfect for romantic dinners. The restaurant offers patio dining, a bar lounge and an amazing menu. The Chef of Cafe La Boheme provides a tasteful menu with food from around the world. Not only will you dine on the finest foods in an amazing environment, but you’ll also receive excellent service.

 LA's Best Restaurants

LA’s Best Restaurants


Yamashiro is a family owned restaurant that’s become a landmark in Downtown Los Angeles. Noted as one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, Yamashiro is a restaurant full of rich heritage and full event venue. The Asian inspired menu is only one perk of the restaurant. It also offers a Koi Pond and is surrounded by well manicured gardens, which are perfect for weddings and other special events.

The Palm

The Palm offers delicious steak, Italian and seafood specialties in a posh setting in Downtown Los Angeles. As one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, The Palm in Los Angeles is the biggest Palm restaurant in the country. The well known and stellar food offered at The Palm is executed by the restaurant’s original owners.

Monsoon Cafe

The Monsoon Cafe, located just outside of Los Angeles in Santa Monica, delivers a spiritual and relaxing experience. The one of a kind atmosphere and fresh food intrigues you to explore more as soon as you walk in the door. With an open courtyard and temple high ceilings, there’s ample room for dining even on the busiest of days. Stop by the restaurant on Wednesday and Saturday nights for DJ battles, and enjoy the great Asian cuisine.

Cafe Sevilla Long Beach

Sevilla’s Cafe Long Beach California offers dinner service nightly, happy hour every day from open to 7PM, and Salsa lessons every Wednesday




















Just a short drive outside of Los Angeles, sits the Cafe Sevilla in Long Beach. The old world setting draws diners of all types. Not only does the restaurant offer tasty food, but dancing and dinner shows at reasonable rates. Dine on the finest pans of paella and traditional Spanish tapas.

The best restaurants in Los Angeles are well known for their amazing menus, breathtaking decors and warm service. These Los Angeles restaurants are sure to leave you and your taste buds content and wanting more.