Best Shopping in Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive Los Angeles
LA’s Best shopping

Los Angeles, California isn’t just home to the hottest celebrities, but also home to some of the best shopping in the world. The best shopping in Los Angeles can be found around every corner, but there are 5 places that are rated to offer the top shopping in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking to spend the afternoon spending some money or to just window shop, Los Angeles is the place for you.

  1. Rodeo Drive- Rodeo Drive is known for the best shopping in Los Angeles, with old world cobblestone paths and one of a kind architectural styling. Not only is Rodeo Drive a reminiscent of an Italian piazza with fountains and romantic archways, but it also hosts designer stores, such as Gucci and Gabbana. If you’re looking for the latest styles that are right off the runway, Rodeo Drive is the place to go.
  2. Fashion District- Some of the best shopping in Los Angeles can be found at LA’s Fashion District—a bargain hunter’s paradise. The district is home to over 1000 retail stores, which sell to the general public at drastically discounted wholesale prices. Not only will you find a great deal, but you’ll also find fashion-inspired art and food booths.
  3. Third Street Promenade- Located just outside of Los Angeles in Santa Monica, is the newly renovated Third Street Promenade. This outdoor shopping mall offers a brand new Nordstrom and an amazing outdoor Dining Deck. The promenade is home to many special events and a fabulous shopping experience. Take a laidback stroll down Third Street for beachside performances and some of the best shopping in Los Angeles.
  4. Santee Alley- One of the newest and hottest shopping destinations in Los Angeles is Santee Alley. Santee Alley provides the latest fashion trends at unbelievable discounted prices. With more than 150 stores, the open market and festival atmosphere stretches two downtown blocks.
  5. Melrose Avenue- One of the most well-known and hottest places to shop in Los Angeles is Melrose Avenue. If you’re looking for vintage clothing, Melrose Avenue is the place to go. With many resale shops and exciting boutiques, you’re sure to find the latest fashion trends of today and tomorrow, not to mention a tasty snack when you need a break from shopping.

Los Angeles is most famous for its great weather and Hollywood stars, but it’s also home to some of the greatest shopping in the world. If you love to shop and you’re in the area, you can’t afford to miss the best shopping in Los Angeles.