Hammer Museum

hammer-museum - 1 day in LA 

The Hammer Museum is a cutting-edge art institution that offers a unique connection of classic and contemporary art, featuring a variety of collections, exhibits and provocative programs. The museums strives to impact and illuminate lives through the exploration of art. With a diversity of in depth artistic expressions throughout the centuries, the Hammer Museum portrays the crucial role art plays in all aspects of life. Located between Los Angeles and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), it’s the ideal museum to visit if you’re a fan of art.


In 1990, the Hammer Museum opened it’s doors to the public to provide the community with first-hand exposure to the world of creative human endeavors. With renowned exhibitions and programs, the museum provides knowledge, discovery and understanding of every aspect of art. From old master paintings to traveling exhibits, the museums features contemporary and historic visual art to promote cultural understanding. Plus, the Hammer Museum offers a number of public programs, including lectures, musical performances and much more.


As the museum offers various exhibits to keep new artwork on display, you’ll always see something new when visiting the Hammer Museum. Some of the exhibitions you may see include work from William E. Jones, Richard Artschwager, Neil Beloufa and Cyprien Gaillard. With a number of collections on display, you’ll be able to view the Hammer Contemporary Collection, the Hammer Daumier Collection and more!.


Coinciding with the numerous exhibitions, you can also advantage from the many public programs available, including free tours, lectures, screenings, art talks and much more. The programs are always updated, frequently featuring new programs to capture everyone’s interest.


The Hammer Museum also offers an Artist Residency Program, which is funded by the Nimoy Foundation and James Irvine Foundation. The residency program highlights artists in residence to support the growth of their work, including academics, research and focus on locations of interest for individual artists.


No matter if you’re an artist, art enthusiasts, or just looking for something to do in Los Angeles, the Hammer Museum provides an unforgettable experience to allow you to connect with a wide background of artists and art work. Not only will you view the finest art, but become educated about how art impacts our everyday lives and society in general. The Hammer Museum is the perfect place to spend a quiet day alone, with a friend, spouse or even an educational day with the family.