Marine Mammal Care Center

LA marine-mammal-care-centre 

Southern California is well known for it’s fantastic beaches and marine life. Often, the marine creatures who call the beaches of southern California home become distressed, injured or require treatment. This is where the Marine Mammal Care Center steps in. Authorized by the National Marine Fisheries Service, the center provides treatment to injured, ill and orphaned marine animals. The Marine Mammal Care Center also rescues and releases northern elephant seals, California sea lions, northern fur seals and harbor seals. The center strives to educate the public about marine life in the area.


As the marine center is actively involved in educating teachers, students and the public about Marine Studies, it’s the perfect place to view the natives of the California ocean, as well as learn about the center’s patients.


Originally, the center was formed in collaboration with the Los Angeles Unified School District and Horcourt-Brace in 1992. Now, the center works with universities, museums and agencies to learn more about marine life to provide treatment to their patients.


The center offers many educational programs, including internships, to educate students and the public through tours and special events. The programs and tours offered through the center provide up-close observations of sick and injured marine animals that are currently being rehabilitated. You’ll be able to see how the animals are cared for and feeding procedures. You’ll also be educated about the treatment and rehabilitation process that allows the marine animals to be reintroduced into their natural habitat.


After touring the center, you’re even able to become involved with the center by volunteering for events, programs and animal care. The center is perfect for people looking to further their education about Marine Studies with internship opportunities for candidates over 18 years of age.


No matter if you’re visiting the Marine Mammal Care Center for a tour, educational purposes or to get involved, there’s always something to do as many events are offered year round. The center’s event schedule has many activities that are open to the public other than the tours, which often include projects, seal day and much more.


If you’re only in town for the day, be sure to stop by the center for an up-close tour to learn more about the ocean’s inhabitants. Or, if you’re a resident of the Los Angeles area, head to the center frequently as there’s always an interesting and educational activity or even planned. Take it a step further and become a volunteer for the Marine Mammal Care Center to help preserve and restore the marine life in the area.