Museum of Death

 museum-of-death, LA

If you’re looking for something offbeat and different than the norm to do in Los Angeles, head to the World Famous Museum of Death in Hollywood. Get in touch with the darker side of nature as you view the world’s largest collection of serial murder artwork, original crime photos, a coffin collection and more! Take a self-guided tour through the Museum of Death for only $15.00.


Originally founded in 1995 in San Diego’s first mortuary, the controversial art gallery was established to fill the country’s void for death education. The museum’s founders, JD Healy and Cathee Shultz, decided to make death their life’s work as they opened the world’s largest collection of deadly artwork.


The Museum of Death hosts photos from the Charles Manson crime scenes, multiple collections of serial murder artwork, the guillotined severed head of Henri Landru (Blue Beard of Paris) and a body bag and coffin collection. You’ll also find morgue photos and crime scene photos from the world famous Black Dahlia murder.


As the Los Angeles Times stated, “Death takes no holiday at this Hollywood museum!”


Throughout the museum you’ll find life-sized replicas of execution devices, autopsy and mortician instruments and even a pet death taxidermy. Along with the deathly art displays, you’ll see autopsy videos, serial killer videos and the Heaven’s Gate Cult recruiting video. All of the museum’s videos contain real death footage, including the Traces of Death video.


The museum allows you to take self-guided tours for as long as you can stomach the gruesome photos. Although there is no age restriction for the museum, some of the images and videos may not be suitable for younger children as there are multiple reports of people passing out due to the deathly museum.


While you’re at the Museum of Death, you can take home multiple souvenirs as there’s a gift shop. Purchase clothing, a serial killer game board, coffee mugs and much more to remember your experience.


The Museum of Death is certainly one of Los Angeles’ most unusual and offbeat attractions. Break away from the large tourist crowds of the larger attractions in Los Angeles and learn more about some of the media’s hottest news coverage. You’ll come up close and personal to the darker side of nature at the Museum of Death!